Hands-Free Door Pull – Options to Prevent Transmission of Harmful Germs

By May 27, 2020 June 8th, 2020 News

Give customers and staff peace of mind with sanitary options for opening doors using their wrist, forearm or foot and avoid the need to touch the door handle completely. 

Hands-free operated door pulls help prevent the transmission of harmful germs and is especially critical in the current environment in defence of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. All of our hands-free door opening solutions are easy to install and can be used individually on a latch-less door or to compliment an already existing door pull. These products are ideal for both low and high traffic areas such as industrial, commercial, office, or retail settings.

H435 Commercial Foot Pull and H437 Commercial Arm Pull

H435 Commercial Foot Pull and H437 Commercial Arm Pull

These two complementary products that give customers the option of using either a foot pull or arm pull application within the same facility while maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout.

Download the spec sheet for the H435 Commercial Foot Pull

Download the spec sheet for the H437 Commercial Arm Pull

H418 Institutional Pull

H418 Institutional Pull

Is a traditional product that is built for function and is commonly found in locations such as food services and health care facilities.  It has seen its use expand to offices and other public places as well.

Download the spec sheet for the H418 Institutional Pull.

H444 Foot Pull

H444 Foot Pull

H444 Foot Pull is built with design in mind. It is ideally suited for office, schools government buildings, truck stops, or any washroom facility.  There are significant differences when comparing this product to similarly designed products on the market such as the industrial-grade stainless steel, commercial-grade thru bolts and vinyl door decal included to provide quick and easy instructions for users.

Download the spec sheet for the H444 Foot Pull

All of our products come with commercial grade hardware and can easily be installed on any door type with a screwdriver or drill.  Installation time is 2 minutes per door.

If you have specific questions or would like a quote on any of these specific products, we are here to help. sales@smhardware.com

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