Healthcare principles

Using Healthcare Principles When Designing Commercial Spaces

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In this time of the coronavirus, using healthcare principles should be the standard in designing commercial spaces.
SMH Antimicrobial Door Hardware

Protect Clients and Staff with Antimicrobial Door Hardware

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Dedicated to creating safe and healthy buildings. Antimicrobial finish is available on any Standard Metal door hardware product or design. BENEFITS Inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms, bacteria and moldProtects…
Wood door pulls

Product Feature: Wood Door Pulls Crafted in Canada

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Incorporate wood elements in your space with Standard Metal’s selection of Architectural Wood Door Pulls made from high quality North American sourced hardwood. Choose from Poplar, Canadian Maple, Hickory, Red…
Wood office design

Incorporating Wood Into Interior Design Has Health and Wellness Benefits

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The commercial hardware industry remains to be a progressive business as interior design trends continually change. But one trend that has been making its way into buildings everywhere is biophilic…
1.5 diameter grab bars

Featured Product: 1.5″ Diameter Grab Bar Collection

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Get building code compliant grab bars and help prevent dangerous slips and falls. Standard Metal now offers 1.5” diameter grab bars in a range of sizes, styles, and finishes that…

Featured Product: Custom Protective Guards

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Standard Metal produces a large selection of protective guards made of the highest quality of materials. Our assortment of kick plates, corner guards, frame guards and edge guards can be…
Standard Metal Hardware featured in Construction in Focus

Standard Metal Hardware Manufacturing Ltd. featured in November issue of Construction in Focus Magazine

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Standard Metal Hardware is excited to announce its profile in Construction in Focus’ November issue. Construction in Focus is a North American publication that reaches over 112,700 builders, engineers, contractors,…

Featured Service: Custom Laser Etching on Plates

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High Quality Laser Etching – 25% More Cost Effective and 50% Faster Turnaround Are you involved in a new condo or hotel project in need of custom escutcheon plates?  Or…
Standard Metal Hardware Catalogue

Standard Metal Hardware Manufacturing Ltd. Launches 2020 Product Catalogue, Featuring State-of-the-Art e-Reader

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Standard Metal Hardware Manufacturing Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its new 2020 Product Catalogue for commercial and architectural door hardware products in North America. The catalogue includes…

Standard Metal Hardware Manufacturing Ltd. Launches New Products Page

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Standard Metal Hardware Manufacturing Ltd. Products Page Standard Metal Hardware is pleased to announce the release of our brand-new Product Page. On our website, we now have a completed product…

Featured Product: Locking Door Pulls

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The locking door pull is available in multiple configurations including dead bolt up, dead bolt down or dead bolt full length to suit any building project and design. Our simple…

Featured Product: Hands-Free Door and Foot Pulls

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Sanitary foot-operated door opener that works on any latch-less commercial metal or wood door.

Top 3 Door Hardware Finishes Trending in 2020

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One of the most important aspects of a commercial building or residential home is the selection of door hardware. Door hardware is installed throughout and is handled on a daily…

Hands-Free Door Opener Options to Prevent Transmission of Harmful Germs

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Give customers and staff peace of mind with sanitary options for opening doors using their wrist, forearm or foot and avoid the need to touch the door handle completely.  Hands-free…
Custom Patch Lock Fittings

Featured Product: Custom Patch Lock Fittings

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  Design and security come together with our custom patch lock fittings. Let us show you how we can customize to any size, style, or finish for your locking door system.…
Standard Metal Hardware Railings

ANTIMICROBIAL Coated Door Hardware

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Protect clients and staff from exposure to harmful microorganisms, bacteria and mold. Antimicrobial clear coating available on any door hardware product or design.
Standard Metal Hardware

Special Antimicrobial Coated Door Hardware

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For over three decades Standard Metal Hardware has been a leading source for commercial and designer door pulls.